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Fechner Nutrition provides a wide-range of personalized nutritional counseling and plans, ranging from athletic performance enhancement to initiating fitness improvement, to pre and post natal nutritional guidance – and more.

Rebekah Fechner, M.S.

Rebekah Fechner, M.S.

Each of our clients is unique, as is their personal health goals. Our approach is to work with each client on an individual level to identify nutritional and lifestyle factors that can contribute to influencing a healthier life, improving well being and reaching achievable goals. We work closely with each client to identify nutritional and lifestyle issues that may be impediments to achieving their goals in order to prescribe an individually tuned plan with protocols designed to help improve health and achieve personal quality-of-life goals.

“While our philosophy is rooted in the wisdom of traditional cultures that have histories of high degrees of good health, it is also informed by current nutritional science and ongoing research.”

Our nutritional philosophy is a mix of old and new. While it is rooted in the wisdom of traditional cultures that have histories of high degrees of good health, it is also informed by current nutritional science and ongoing research. We provide our clients with a wide range of nutritional support to address a multitude of symptoms and issues. Additionally, an important aspect of our practice is to provide prenatal and postnatal guidance to mothers in order to ensure health during pregnancy and healthy, divergent postnatal pathways for mother and child.


Our mission is to leverage our knowledge base on nutrition, health and physical performance to enable our clients to build and maintain a healthy and robust life.

Rebekah Fechner, M.S. has been studying and applying nutritional science for more than 17 years. She obtained her master of science degree in clinical nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health, where she mastered the principles and application of functional nutrition. She has trained with renowned experts in nutrition, biochemistry, sports nutrition, nutritional genomics and digestive health. She completed her undergraduate work at UC Santa Cruz, where she studied psychology, laying the foundation for her knowledge and experience with nutritional support for mental health.


Rebekah’s work is informed by her experience as a mother with a child with a complex illness beginning in infancy. After finding very little help and information from the local doctors, Rebekah took matters into her own hands. Through extensive study and research and continual experimentation with diet and supplements, her child eventually changed trajectories, gaining health and well-being. She is grateful for the knowledge and experience gained from this difficult period and feels especially called to share what she learned with others.


Rebekah’s nutritional care approach is based on the functional nutritional perspective, which emphasizes the biological, emotional, environmental, social, genetic and nutritional individuality of each client. The functional approach to nutrition and health is in direct contrast to conventional approaches, which emphasize symptom suppression without addressing the underlying causes and imbalances of a health issue. Rebekah uses evidence-based nutritional protocols that underline the body as an interconnected system, recognizing these connected systems and their importance in health and disease.


Rebekah lives with her family in a very small town in California’s gold country.


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