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Our services begin with a comprehensive understanding of your lifestyle , dietary profile, fitness level, and general health. Regardless of why you may come to us, we work with you collaboratively to establish achievable goals through an individually tuned plan.

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Our initial consultation includes developing a comprehensive lifestyle and dietary profile. It is imperative that we understand the foods you currently eat, your food preparation skills, your fitness level, and general health, including any preexisting medical conditions. Once a lifestyle and dietary profile have been completed, we work with you to create a dietary plan tuned to your goals, objectives and health requirements, including establishing milestones to measure progress and support achievement of your goals and objectives. Click the icon to learn more about our private consultation service, or to schedule one.

Fitness Nutrition

Part of our practice is working with athletes who recognize the role nutrition plays in various aspects of their training and performance. We work with them on a wide range of issues from improving recovery time, to gaining muscle mass; to helping them improve their overall performance through plans that involve achievable milestones and performance goals. Additionally, we work with those who are simply trying to achieve improved-fitness goals. We guide them through the process and set proper expectations for gaining muscle while losing fat. To learn more about making nutrition a foundational part of your fitness regimen click the icon.

Weight Management

When it comes to weight loss through proper nutrition, we strive to understand the underlying causes that have led to an individual becoming overweight. For example, it can sometimes be that hormonal causes may be at play. Regardless of causal factors, we work with you to understand and define a unique plan suited to meeting your requirements. These include nutritional support, supplements if needed, and the planning and protocols required to implement an individualized nutritional plan with achievable objectives. To learn more about achieving weight loss through sensible nutritional planning and healthy diet management click the icon.

Pregnancy & Pre-conception

An important aspect of our practice is to provide prenatal and postnatal nutritional guidance to mothers and their children in order to ensure health during pregnancy. Our plans provide nutritional requirements beginning 3- 6 months prior to conception and include the father to ensure a strong developmental foundation for the child from conception to birth. Our plans also include a nutritional plan for the mother once she is pregnant to ensure she is getting the nutrition she needs to maintain everything from mental well being to physical health during pregnancy. To learn more about how we can help you with a preconception-through-post-pregnancy nutrition plan click the icon.

Nutrition & Mental Health

The expression “You are what you eat” is not far from the truth. Within our digestive system, or gut, is an entire ecosystem of beneficial bacteria. This colony is called a microbiome. There is a direct connection between gut health and our brain. Helping our clients’ balance their microbiome through proper diet and prebiotics can help to ensure mental well being. We develop individualized plans to help you tune up your microbiome and improve your state of mind. To learn more about the relationship between nutrition and well being click the icon.

Brain Health

Whether related to genetics, injury or age, cognitive performance can degrade. Memory issues, concentration difficulties, and foggy headedness can all severely affect quality of life. Brain health can be supported and both cognitive degradation and neurodegeneration can be prevented through specialized nutrition and supplements. It is also imperative to start early at the first signs of cognitive decline to insure maximum success. To learn more about how you can proactively manage your brain health click the icon.

Digestive Wellness

Supporting healthy digestion is the foundation of all other wellness features in your life. Ensuring that you are eating a diet rich in nutritional value is beneficial to almost every aspect of your life and a critical component to health and well being. This is especially true if you suffer from chronic conditions such as IBS, Crohn's, Celiac disease, food allergies or intolerances. Understanding what foods to avoid and whether or not supplements might be in order can be a critical aspect of managing symptoms. Creating the correct nutritional plan to help you eliminate or minimize symptoms is also part of what we offer our clients. To learn more about how you can ensure digestive wellness click the icon.

Chronic Conditions

Managing previously diagnosed chronic health conditions is fundamental to minimizing symptoms and/or avoiding complications that can develop when not managed properly. Understanding nutrition’s role in maintaining health and wellness is critical. We develop individualized nutritional plans to help manage many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, autoimmunity and more. Preventative steps can also be taken utilizing specialized diet and supplements if these conditions run in the family or if a client is showing early signs. To learn more about how we can help you proactively manage or prevent a chronic health condition click the icon.

Infant and Child Health

Infants and children can experience a variety of health issues, even at such an early age. It is imperative that they receive the best nutrition possible during these times of rapid growth and development, which lay the foundation for their future health. Sometimes infants and children experience digestive distress frequently with spitting up, stomach aches, allergies, sensitivities, appetite issues and food aversions or obsessions. Infants and children may also show behavioral issues and neurological problems with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and ADD, which are signs of a serious underlying imbalance. There are nutritional pathways to well-being regardless of the current circumstances, and we can work with you to insure the best possible future for your child. To learn more about how we can help you with your child's healthy growth and development, click the icon.

Postpartum Health

We also provide healthy, divergent postnatal pathways for both mother and child. For mothers, we provide plans to replenish depleted nutrients to help them avoid negative consequences like low-energy, postpartum depression and lowered bone density. It also includes helping new mothers overcome a desire to lose weight at a time when breast feeding is taking place and nutrition is of vital importance. For infants, breast feeding is the best initial course and the mother’s diet plays a key role in the nutritional value of the milk she produces. In instances where breast feeding is not an option for the infant, we can recommend a variety of nutritionally balanced formulas tailored to the infant.

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