Hi, I'm Rebekah!

Boost your performance in life

Dramatically impact the way you think, feel and perform with my science-backed plans and one-on-one support!

How Can I Help You?

My cutting-edge nutritional science knowledge, coupled with nurturing, one-on-one support are unique to this industry and will help you achieve your optimal state of health.

Even if you have failed in the past and have difficulty with dietary changes, I have a protocol to help you. Revamp your life and achieve healthy weight, mood balancing, plenty of energy and more…

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Low-Cost Metabolic Health Screening

Fill out a detailed, online health questionnaire and receive personalized, expert advice on how to improve your health. Learn exactly where your health hot spots are and how to put them out immediately!

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Health Screening with Support

This program is similar to the metabolic health screening but adds 3 months of support through text and messaging. I will also do a deep dive into your supplement intake and make recommendations based on your health screening results.

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Online Face-to-Face Consult

This is the most thorough of the options with an online video consult where you can ask questions, discuss symptoms and history more in depth, discuss your treatment protocol and also receive feedback on blood test results. This option also includes a free followup video consult and text/messaging support for 3 months.

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A Group Class or Program

From time to time I offer group programs which include access to a private support forum along with detailed instruction on implementing lifestyle and dietary changes for a specific health issue. Some of these are completely free! Please sign up for my newsletter for updates and sign up links. 

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