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Metabolic Health Screening

Discover your health “hot spots” and put them out as quickly as possible.

Even if you can’t imagine living without your favorite junky or sugary foods, I have a plan that can help you!

I realize that not everyone is raring to go at the thought of healthy lifestyle changes.

Even if you have tried making changes before and failed, I can still help make a profound difference in your life.

Even if you have been told your symptoms are just “stress” or that you are perfectly healthy according to your test results, I can help you achieve an increase in energy and overall well-being.

Each of my protocols is personalized to your preferences and particular challenges to help you start exactly where you are.

Become one of many people who have used these nutrition and lifestyle changes to revamp their lives and reach their goals.

Many of our clients see results in as little as a week and all begin to see positive changes within 60 days!

What do you get with Metabolic Health Screening?
  • Your screening results including an explanation,  your metabolic danger zones and areas of weakness.
  • List of foods to include and foods to avoid based on screening results and personal preferences that you listed in the questionnaire.
  • Recommendations for overall dietary, lifestyle and health changes that should be implemented for best results.
  • Click here for a sample protocol and more details about the personalized plans.

Health conscious consumers waste hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on useless and sometimes harmful supplements.

Could you be one of the many in this category? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you aren’t throwing your money away when you could be spending it on something that is actually beneficial or fun?

With my supplement review service, I will examine your current or desired supplement routine and give you my expert opinion on which are beneficial and which are a waste.

My supplement knowledge and expertise is based on many years of both research and experience, as well as my master’s level education in nutrition.

This service alone will potentially save you hundreds of dollars or more!

If you would like this service, please sign up for the metabolic health plus plan or the online face-to-face consult.

Standard blood testing can actually reveal quite a bit more about your health than most doctors are trained to see.

Results that are borderline or just slightly out of range can be an indication of an impending health crisis.

The trouble is that most doctors are only there to treat clearly defined illness, and unless your blood test results show advanced illness, you will be told everything is “fine”.

The truth is you may not feel fine at all, but unless you are already showing clear cut symptoms of a well-defined illness or disorder, the doctor cannot actually help you.

You will have to wait until the illness progresses to the point that more drastic measures are indicated and hope that the side-effects from whatever treatment you are given are not too unbearable or long-lasting.

This is the story of many clients that come to see me. They hire me to pick up the pieces after the fact, when they have already suffered from both the underlying illness and the treatment given by their doctor which produced multiple side-effects.

It doesn’t have to be this way! I am here to help find those underlying nutritional, biochemical and environmental imbalances before they result in long-lasting problems.

While as a nutritionist I cannot diagnose or treat health conditions, I can help spot potential imbalances by examining your test results and can recommend nutritional and lifestyle changes to put you on the right trajectory.

In order to be able to offer this service, I have received specialized training in functional blood chemistry interpretation while obtaining my degree and also through workshops and courses taught by renowned experts in blood chemistry analyses.

This service is only available with the face-to-face online consult!

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