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Imagine yourself with more energy, less weight and greater mental focus.

The ability and confidence to accomplish whatever you put your mind to…

Even if you have failed at dieting and lifestyle changes in the past…

Even if you cannot fathom giving up your favorite junk foods and sweets…

I have a plan and protocol to meet you where you are and profoundly change your trajectory in life!

Join all the people who have used personalized nutrition to put themselves on the path to optimal health and well-being.

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Contrary to popular belief, you are not doomed to poor health or weight issues because of your genetics!

I also suffered from poor health and major sugar cravings.

I tried to use willpower to stop eating sweets and relied on the latest health fad at the time, which was eating no meat and lots of soy, and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t succeeding.

I still found it impossible to avoid sugary foods for very long and lacked much energy in addition to other new health issues brought on by the wrong dietary changes.

I was finally fed up with this approach and began searching for answers. That is when I discovered the personalized approach to nutrition and the special methods that will end cravings without relying solely on willpower.

Welcome to Fechner Nutrition

Many practitioners and methods rely solely on convincing yourself to remove certain addictive foods and do nothing to address the underlying physiological reasons why you have those cravings in the first place!

I developed the tools I used to help myself and similar people like you who may not have perfect genetics or willpower, yet want to succeed at leveling up your health and life in general.

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Dramatically impact the way you think, feel and perform with my science-backed plans and one-on-one support.

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Low-Cost Health Screening

Fill out a detailed, online health questionnaire and receive personalized, expert advice on how to improve your health. Learn exactly where your health hot spots are and how to put them out immediately!

Low-Cost Health Screening
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Metabolic Health Plus

This program is similar to the metabolic health screening but adds 3 months of support through text and messaging. I will also do a deep dive into your supplement intake and make recommendations based on your health screening results.

Metabolic Health Plus
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Online Face-to-Face Consult

This is the most thorough of the options with an online video consult where you can ask questions and receive detailed information about your health issues and treatment plan in real time. This option also includes a free followup video consult and text/messaging support for 3 months.

Online Face-to-Face Consult

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