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"I had been experiencing pains in my abdominal area so I visited several specialists and went through a number of tests to pinpoint the cause. It was found that I had H-pylori and gallstones and was given some treatment options. The H-pylori was treated but continued to feel some of the same pains. After discovering Rebekah’s nutrition consulting services, I decided to sign up for a consult. She started with a thorough survey of my personal history and eating habits and after examining blood results she was able to target which foods to eat and which to avoid. After a week of changing my diet my abdominal discomfort began to subside and I was able to avert procedures recommended by my doctors who by the way weren’t sure would completely solve the problem. Continuously maintaining the recommended diet is key. I highly recommend Rebekah"
"I decided to explore new options for my frequent anxiety attacks after therapy and medication weren't helping as much as I had hoped. Rebekah gave me some great suggestions on how to start decreasing my anxiety attacks in the morning, and I have started implementing these and am seeing results. She really had a great understanding of how hormones, blood sugar levels, diet and overall health interact and influence one another and gave me some interesting and useful information. If you sign up with Rebekah, prepare to be enlightened!"
"She entirely came from a place of knowledge, warmth, and open-mindedness. Through Rebekah’s suggestions, I have made changes to my diet which I am wholly happy with. I also gleaned a lot of useful information, which I will always carry with me."
"She really was non-judgmental and that was helpful for me to keep an open mind to her advice. She really had great knowledge about supplements and helpful advice for me. I am looking forward to getting some more feedback on future goals and supplements."
"I had heart symptoms that were preventing me from doing anything. A childhood of surgery, including open heart had given me an idea of the feeling. Last April when it came back strong I was stopped entirely and only through Rebekah's careful understanding and listening did she find a mix of herbs, natural medicine and diet change to help me. All the doctors and tests available with decent medical insurance over a year, had not managed to put me back together or even find why I was broken. I am able to keep up with the basics and feel much better overall because of her help. Don't wait to run out of options, exercise your right to improve health."
Heart health client
"Rebekah asked many questions to get to the root cause of my health issues. She took her time going through the intake form. She was very engaged and listened to my concerns and expressed an eagerness to help. Rebekah gave me some simple tips on things like how to add veggies to my breakfasts. I appreciated learning how simple it is to eat veggies and make them taste great. The protocol that she developed for me is very unique and gives me a feeling of hope that I can do something to feel better."
"I originally went in for help keeping my weight down and help with creating more energy. As I get older I find it harder to do all the things I used to do in a day. Rebekah gave me some great suggestions about how a gluten free diet can be just as unhealthy due to certain deficiencies and blood sugar imbalances caused by gluten free foods. I had not heard this info anywhere else! She also helped me recognize things like signs of nutritional deficiencies, and foods that are good for the digestive tract. It was all very intriguing and is helping me stay motivated to make these changes. She is also very easy to talk to and didn't talk down to me at all. I overall enjoyed our session and look forward to learning more."
"Rebekah helped with several different health issues I was having at the time. She helped with my sleep issues getting me on the right track with how I make melatonin and how it gets shut down by screens and other things. Also gave me some recipes for sleep issues that have been relaxing and delicious. She also helped me understand PMS symptoms and how to relieve them with different foods, supplements and relaxation. It was a very thorough interview and I felt that she really listened to my concerns. I am feeling better in general after implementing these things in my diet and lifestyle."
"Rebekah provided many educational tips on sleep! And suggestions for bedtime routine and using bed for sleep and relaxation as opposed to work/screen time. We had a great discussion on anxiety and sugar intake—maple syrup versus honey versus white sugar; made a point of combining fruit with protein/fat sources. Also caffeine and anxiety. Good suggestion of hidden gluten in products, like BBQ sauce; reminder of frying oil often being used for gluten food items and fries! I was surprised at all the hidden sources. She gave me some helpful info on fiber sources in relation to constipation and hydration. Put forward suggestions for dietary changes in a way that was not too overwhelming. I am finding the changes very rewarding so far and look forward to even more future improvements."
"Even though the focus was on nutrition, Rebekah very wisely pointed out that there are some things that exercise gives you that food can’t (circulation etc.). She showed me the connection between my diet and lifestyle at different points in my life and how I felt. It was very eye-opening and motivating for me! Rebekah has a very relaxed presence and it made it really easy to share a lot. Despite all my ups and downs with my diet and lifestyle over the years, I didn't feel judged at all. She was very supportive and has helped me implement these changes that have given me a renewed energy and liveliness."
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