What my clients say

"Rebekah started with a thorough survey of my personal history and eating habits and after examining blood results she was able to target which foods to eat and which to avoid. After a week of changing my diet my abdominal discomfort began to subside and I was able to avert procedures recommended by my doctors who by the way weren’t sure would completely solve the problem."
"Rebekah gave me some great suggestions on how to start decreasing my Anxiety attacks in the morning, and I have started implementing these and am seeing results."
"She entirely came from a place of knowledge, warmth, and open-mindedness. Through Rebekah’s suggestions, I have made changes to my diet which I am wholly happy with. I also gleaned a lot of useful information, which I will always carry with me."
"She really was non-judgmental and that was helpful for me to keep an open mind to her advice. She really had great knowledge about supplements and helpful advice for me. I am looking forward to getting some more feedback on future goals and supplements."
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