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Who Can Benefit from Personalized Nutrition

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your friend is on a diet that gives her great energy, healthy looking skin and even weight loss. You decide you want these things too, so you decide to embark on the same diet.

Your results are terrible. You break out, feel like you need to nap all the time and actually gain 5 pounds in the first week.

What happened??

First off you and your friend most likely have very different metabolic profiles, microbiomes, health histories and genetics. All of these influences create a different set of needs, strengths and weaknesses that cannot all be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition.

This is where personalized nutrition comes in to play.


Anyone who is looking to improve their health or moods can benefit from working with a nutritionist trained in personalized nutrition.

As a nutritionist who practices developing personalized protocols for clients, one of the common scenarios I run into is the person who considers themself an expert based on what they have seen on the internet or based on what their healthy friends are doing.

It is great to do your own research on health and nutrition, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get the results promised by the current food or diet fad.

There are many popular internet and television health experts out there who are constantly throwing out shocking information about certain common natural foods suddenly being bad and also certain foods suddenly being promoted to superfood status.

This creates a constant feeling of uncertainty among their followers who then faithfully try to implement the restrictions or obsessions many times to the detriment of their own health and well-being.

All of the strife, struggle and drama can be avoided by seeking the advice of a qualified nutrition expert who is trained in functional, personalized nutrition.

Exactly what gets taken into consideration when designing a personalized protocol?

Everything that a client shares is relevant. If it is something you feel is relevant to your well-being, then there is most likely a reason for that.

Each client comes in with a certain puzzle of symptoms, history and health goals. It is my job as a nutritionist to put those pieces together into a complete picture.

What sort of clients benefit from a nutritional consult?

  • Those who are looking to lose weight.
  • Clients who are looking to conceive or are already pregnant.
  • Anyone with chronic health issues.
  • Those looking to prevent health issues in the future.
  • People looking to increase energy and improve their moods.
  • And many more…

What exactly is included in the personalized protocol?

The protocol consists of a detailed list of foods to include and avoid, dietary regimes specific to the individual health needs, possible supplements, a time-line of changes and smaller goals that lead up to long lasting results, as well as may more helpful insights.

Here is a sample protocol for you to download with the identifying details removed as an example. This client was preparing to do a dietary reset for 30 days and the protocol reflects the preparation and timeline for that.

Each client comes in with a certain puzzle of symptoms, history and health goals. It is my job as a nutritionist to put those pieces together into a complete picture.

My ultimate mission as a nutritionist is to take as much of the guesswork and struggle out of improving one’s health as possible. There are always changes and tweaks made to the protocol as a client progresses, and that is part of the healing journey.

For more details on low-cost metabolic health screening as well as one-on-one online consults, please view the services page.

Rebekah Fechner

I am a nutritionist who believes that the key to health lies in the wisdom of our ancestors coupled with emerging science. My passion for diet and health led me to obtain my master's degree in nutrition. I love taking older, more traditional culinary practices and recipes and making them relevant and usable for today's busy lifestyle and modern ingredients. I am a mom to three wonderful and unique children who definitely helped in fueling my passion for nutrition and food.

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